The most advanced companies have already declared the time frame in which they will reach carbon neutrality and have undertaken to offset their annual emissions. You can do it as well!

Our 3 step plan is…

Our 3 steps plan is…

We Quantify your emissions

We help you collect data from your company and calculate your carbon footprint. We are specialists in “life cycle” footprint evaluation of services and products. We are quick, accurate and cost-effective.

We Offset your CO2 Emissions

You can offset your remaining CO2 emissions by purchasing certified Carbon Credits from PlanetaLindo.

Offsetting carbon emissions, in addition to avoidance and reduction, is an important step in holistic climate action.

Our certified Carbon Credits come from projects avoiding emissions or capturing CO2 around the world.


We assist you to Communicate

We help you to communicate a clear and credible message about each step of your climate action to your stakeholders and clients.

Investors favour companies that adapt to a carbon neutral world and contribute to a better environment.

Employees are more motivated when working in climate friendly companies.

«A Nation that destroys its soils destroys itself.
Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air
and giving fresh strength to our people.»

Franklin D. Roosevelt

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