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Offsetting Commodities

When calculating a product’s emissions, there are levels or ’emissions scopes’ which need to be considered.

  • 1 directs
  • 2 indirect

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Applying Emission Scopes to Crude Oil

In the context of calculating the emissions of crude oil, we consider the emissions scopes as

  • Well to Tank (WTT): Emissions from extraction to the delivery of the fuel to the end user
  • Tank to Wheel (TTW): Emissions from use of end product only
  • Well to Wheel (WTW): WTT + TTW. ie. Lifecycle Emissions

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Calculation of Emissions

  • Based on OCI Model for Brazilian “Frade” Crude
  • Number of Barrels: 400,000
  • Total Greenhouse Gas Emissions per brarrel of “Frade” Crude = 500kg CO2e/barrel
  • Total Greenhouse Gas emissions per Crude cargo: 235,200 tCO2e

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